Basement Drainage

When a home has a wet basement, it can be a disaster for the homeowner to deal with. This moisture can ruin anything that is stored in this space, and it can also contribute to damage to wooden materials below the home, including support beams and floor joists. This rotting wood smells bad, and it can also be very inviting to unwanted critters, such as termites and mosquitoes. What’s more, this moisture can lead to the development of black mold, mildew, and bacteria which could make a home smell very musty, and even make its inhabitants very sick.

Crack Injection

Structural problems are common in any type of home, regardless of what kind of architectural style it may have, or whether it’s old or new. Many foundation issues are caused from settlement of the soil below and around a home, or from improper building techniques or materials being used during the time when the home was built built. Regardless of what has caused the issue, it needs to be taken care of immediately when noticed so that it doesn’t endanger the structural integrity of the home.

crawl space encapsulation

There are many homes all over Ohio, both old and new, which were built with a crawl space environment beneath them. During the construction process, this small but important structure was built quickly, and it’s likely that the contractor didn’t give much thought to properly waterproofing the space so that moisture wouldn’t eventually become an issue for the homeowner.

Foundation Repair

A bowing basement wall is mainly caused from excessive hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding a home. This occurs whenever soil around a home absorbs moisture after a heavy rainfall, or when there is melting snow on the property.

sump pump

This is a waterproofing device that is used to stop moisture from pooling up underneath a home. It is typically installed in the lowest area of a basement or crawl space. Installation is fast, and other waterproofing systems, including interior and exterior drains, can be connected to the sump pit.