Often times, this structural problem is caused from poor soil conditions around a home. Whenever a home is built in very absorbent soil, such as clay, it will take in a lot of moisture whenever it rains. This can cause the water table around a home to rise and fall rapidly. This also causes soil to expand and shift about in place. Eventually, this is going to cause gaps to form underneath and around a home. Over time, the home will actually start to sink into these voids and a homeowner will notice that one or more sides of the home look like they are deeper in the earth than the others. The problem can easily be rectified through the use of strong foundation piers. These piers are installed around the home and they will be able to help with shifting the weight of the home off of the weakened foundation and onto themselves. As time passes, this will help to stabilize and strengthen the home, and push it back up to the level where it needs to be.

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